Light Up Ho’oponopono Healing

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian art and science of healing. It works to free you of the past and connect you back to your original essence of joy, love and freedom by taking you through the transition of being a victim to self-empowerment.

Candice is a certified Ho’oponopono practitioner. There are only a handful of people who have this certification.

Before her certification, Candice was applying the principals Ho’oponopono in her own life through self-study and saw the magnitude of the results it delivered. She also saw a void in general therapy and spiritual techniques. A stark misunderstanding of the role of the subconscious, trauma and patterns ruling our lives. This ignited her passion to share it with the world to deliver the same results she got, to people who need it most.

Candice is one of my dearest friends. When she told me she was creating Light Up, I couldn’t help but start discussing some ideas for branding. Our brains started ticking and sat together for a few hours playing with some ideas. We both knew that branding was going to take Light Up to the next level.

We created a classy, playful and inviting brand strategy that was inclusive of both younger and older demographics. 100% of her work is done online, mostly through Light Up’s social media platforms. Light Up needed a logo, social media design, Canva templates and other digital collateral that worked in cohesion. When working in the digital realms, minimalist design is the way to go.

We designed a modern-chic signature style logo and added in some gold glitter texturing to make it cheerful & playful whilst still being incredibly classy.

You can check out Light Up Ho’oponopono Healing on action on Instagram at @lightup.healing and on Facebook here.

– Sam Aaron


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