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Hi there! I‘m Sam.

I’m a self-taught graphic and website designer. I grew up in Australia and have been travelling for the past year while pursuing my other passion for dancing.

I realised that I always had an eye for design and organising a visual space which came from my Mum. Mum always scrapbooked our lives since I was little, assorting photos and stamps on a big square piece of cardboard. I used to play around with all of the leftovers she had when she was working.

I learnt how to code a website when I was 10. I was always around a computer growing up. I joined a website called Matmice where kids could learn how to code and make a page to share. You could share your website with friends, and ask them how they made theirs!

I got my first website design job when I was 12 for a chiropractor. I thought it was so cool that I could earn money from doing this!

I got to high school, and the teachers gave us the Adobe Suite. I learnt more through playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator which got me into graphic design. I made simple little logos for a few people (even my school).

Fast forward a few years, some friends and family started their own businesses. That’s when I saw the impact that design had on making what was once an idea, turn into a real tangible business. That happened with my own design stuff too! I decided to advertise my skills more. I printed my first business cards and made my own website to share my work.

I love that feeling of turning something into SOMETHING.

It’s a big milestone, and it’s so much fun for me to share that feeling with someone over and over again!

I love the challenge of making something work, pushing myself to try all the new CMS and software out there now that creatives are working with.

Every project is like a painting to me. I visualise what I want it to look like, and then I get to use the tools that I know to make it come to life. Every project I do is so different which keeps the challenge alive. Over time this process has become much more natural for me. There have been so many spots on the way where I’ve wanted to throw the towel in! That’s what keeps it exciting.

Designing and dancing are incredible outlets for me. My juices never really stop flowing, and these outlets are what keep me from going crazy.

If you’re starting up in business or you’re launching a new side hustle, I know what that’s like. Let me make it fun for you!

Get in touch with me at ❤️

Have a great day!
Sam x


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