Starting a side hustle, start-up or business for yourself is overwhelming. It absolutely shouldn’t be as scary or hard as it seems, I totally get you.

It’s no joke! You’re putting your product out, something that you’re passionate about which makes it personal. You believe in it and that makes you feel vulnerable! All the investments and financing comes from money that was earned with hard work. You start to question whether it’s worth your time and what people will think.

It’s a sacrifice, it’s scary but it’s exciting!

The fact that you’re even on my page right now means you pushed past that fear of actually making something happen with your idea, and that is huge!

I have an opportunity through what I do to help people through this part of starting up and get their hustle off its feet and seen by the right eyes. 90% of the people I am designing for are just starting their business up from their homes. I wish I had something like this when I started my design work!

I started The Design Circle to create a community of support and get like-minded people connected.

Every week, I’m sending a side hustle or a start-up to your inboxes! You get to see what they do, how they started, the design process and connect with them if you need some direction or pointers. I’ll give you insight on some key things that helped me, and helped my clients out.

I know what it’s like with finances when you get started, it’s usually tight. Every dollar counts at this point.

When you join, you get a discount on projects with me (just for signing up!). You’re the first to find out about rewards and offers, and you’re in for loyalty rewards with me so you can work on your brand bit-by-bit and reap the rewards as you go!

I have an Etsy store with super affordable design pieces for startups called Two Stones. You’ll also get a discount for this when you join!

More and more people are seeing the monetary value in their hidden skills, passions and talents. I’m seeing new side-hustles starting every week on my Instagram. I love this!

Join the community and get motivated to get the ball rolling on that idea of yours!